Printed Backpacks

Promotional backpacks offer many advantages when used as giveaways to promote a business. Because of the possibility to strap them on our backs, they are generally used to carry weighty or bulky things such as books, a computer notebook, headphones, a cell phone, camping or hiking gear, clothing and more. Using them for transporting things means they are mobile and exposed to public sight, ensuring that numerous people will see them. Thus, if you customize promo backpacks with your branding image and message, their exposure and mobility will ensure that it will be seen by a lot of people.

Backpacks also offer the advantage of long-term advertising, due to their durability. Since most folks are generally on the move and many have plenty to carry with them, backpacks are used by a wide variety of people on a regular basis. They are used by students, school children, commuters, parents, cyclists, campers, hikers, travelers, mountaineers and people on a short trip or a picnic. Parents of infants use backpacks to carry diapers and other necessities, while their free hands push a stroller and lead another small child to school. In short, backpacks are a common sight every day.

Backpacks also come in many designs, which  is useful in using them for different promotional purposes. There are backpacks with mesh pouches, outer zippered pockets, hidden inner pockets, rugged frames for mountain climbing and rollers to carry luggage at the airport.

Although promotional backpacks are not as affordable as entry-level promotional items like pens or notepads, with proper planning of their distribution to suitable targets, these products can really make a massive, long lasting impact.