Promotional Chalk Mugs

Our funky branded chalk mugs make for a fabulous promotional gifts and talking point for any office promotion. Featuring a unique wipeable chalkboard surface enabling users to write down memos and messages, perfect for when sticky notes are not to hand! These interactive promotional mugs promise to draw added attention to your logo and message when office workers choose which mug to have their favourite cup of coffee in and come supplied with two pieces of chalk.

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Opal China Chalk Mugs personalised with your logo for business promotions
Opal China Chalk Mug
From: €7.55
Min Qty: 144
Personalised Bell Chalk Mugs at GoPromotional
Bell Chalk Mug
From: €5.71
Min Qty: 144
Branded Marrow Chalk Mugs with your corporate logo at GoPromotional
Marrow Chalk Mug
From: €5.68
Min Qty: 144
Durham Chalk Mug Branded With Your Logo & Message At GoPromotional
Durham Chalk Mug
From: €4.46
Min Qty: 72
UK Printed Sparta Chalk Mugs at GoPromotional UK
Sparta Chalk Mug
From: €5.63
Min Qty: 144
Mini Marrow Chalk Mugs printed with your logo for office promotions at GoPromotional
Mini Marrow Chalk Mug
From: €5.02
Min Qty: 144
Logo branded Dinky Durham Chalk Mugs for event giveaways at GoPromotional Merchandise
Dinky Durham Chalk Mug
From: €4.95
Min Qty: 72
Custom branded Chalk Write Mugs for client and employee appreciation gifts at GoPromotional
Chalk Write Mug
From: €3.95
Min Qty: 50
Promotional Durham Duet Chalk Mugs in a range of trim colour options printed with your company logo
Durham Duet Chalk Mug
From: €4.38
Min Qty: 100

Fun & Unique Promotional Chalk Mugs

Chalk mugs are unique, in that you can write a message on them with a piece of chalk. These fun chalk mugs have a dark-coloured area on the outside on which messages can be written, giving them a creative edge over other types of promo mugs. Apart from this, though, drinking mugs - chalk or otherwise - are not to be taken lightly as publicity gifts to advance a business. They enjoy massive sales, as well as mass appeal when used as promotional giveaways. Chalk mugs used by companies to advance their business by imprinting their name, logo or marketing message, and then distributing them as gifts, get popular reception, because mugs serve a distinct purpose and are in general use at home, at work and in a variety of other places.

Companies also like to use mugs as promotional tools because, besides the guaranteed reception, by which their branded mugs will not land in drawers just to collect dust, their name and logo imprinted on them are highly visible to the recipients and other people around, and this display reminds them all of the promoting companies presence. Since chalk mugs are durable, this exposure is sure to be long-term.

Available in a range of sizes, shapes and designs, which is helpful to a promoting company in choosing the types suitable to their different target markets. Having a price tags generally at an affordable level, which is cost-effective for any organisation to launch large-scale promo drives.

Putting all these wonderful advantages together, they can be instrumental in broadcasting a brand name extensively to boost sales, strengthening performance in the marketplace or rewarding long-time clients and employees.


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