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Unlock your brand potential with promotional keyrings and personalised keychains which are practical, decorative, low-cost trinkets used as corporate giveaways for marketing and advertising campaigns. Custom printed keyrings are small chains, usually made from plastic or metal which connects items to a keyring. Businesses of all sizes use branded keyrings to promote their logo and raise awareness of products and services. Personalised with photos, slogans and contact details, printed keyrings or 'split-rings' are giveaways often used by charities, schools, car dealers, and clubs. 

At GoPromotional we offer a full range of UK branded keyrings to suit all budgets and advertising needs. Our collection includes promotional plastic keyrings, leather key fobs, metal keychains, bottle opener keyrings and novelty keyrings. For a greener, eco-friendly option we have biodegradable, compostable and recycled keyrings. Unlock your corporate branding potential with budget-friendly keyrings printed with your logo.

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What's in your pocket? Good question! If you are like the majority of people there will be at least one keyring or keychain hanging around in your pocket. This is the exact reason why promotional keyrings and keychains are so popular and make so much sense as a promotional giveaway that really works. They are utilitarian, yet at the same time making for fantastic marketing vehicles. Promotional keyrings are items which people hold in their hands regularly and therefore they are used to the idea of receiving a customised version. Today an individual s car is no longer merely a means of transport, it is a way of expressing oneself and letting the world know what we would like it to be, even if that wish has not as yet been achieved. An individual s car is a powerful psychological matter and custom imprinted keychains and keyrings are the perfect vehicle to tap into that mind set in a highly effective and inexpensive way.

If your organisation distributes imprinted keyrings emblazoned with your logo and latest advertising message to potential customers and your existing client base, the connection you make with them is one which could well result in new orders coming your way. The simple fact that keyrings and keychains are highly practical low cost giveaways is one of the main reasons why they are likely to achieve great sales results. Recent surveys indicate that in excess of 60% of people who received promotional items said that they would consider purchasing from the company that gave them the particular gift. The truth is, as with all forms of sales it is all about building relationships with people, and keyrings are a fantastic way in which to kick this process off no matter what your budget may be.

At GoPromotional we have a massive range of keyrings to choose from, covering all price brackets and all manner of styles. You can select from our low cost plastic keyrings which are great for mailings or handing out at tradeshows and conferences. Alternatively, check out our range of metal keyrings, a little more expensive yes, however, these can be precision laser engraved with your logo to create a lasting impression on your clients mind and are likely to be in use for months if not years promoting your brand. If you are looking for something a little different then check out our range of keychain lights which come in a whole manner of designs to stimulate the mind. We also offer a great range of leather keyrings and as Green is the new buzz word there is also an extensive range of recycled keyrings to choose from. So whatever your requirements are we have it covered and if you can t find what you are looking for then simply give us a call because we can get our hands on just about any promotional gifts.


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