Gareth Parkin  |  Product Marketing Director

Gareth Parkin
As the founder of GoPromotional, Gareth has developed an enviable reputation as an expert in the promotional products industry with over 25 years experience. As an active member of the BPMA, ASI and Forbes Business Council, he regularly shares his wealth of industry knowledge and perspective in order to drive the branded merchandise sector forwards. With an entrepreneurial mind, Gareth has his finger on the pulse of our UK and international operations. Responsible for marketing and technical operations, he continually motivates the team with his vision, enthusiasm and desire to be the very best.

Articles By Gareth Parkin


Pen Pots Make Great Customer Giveaways

Visibility and exposure is important to persuade a target audience to buy a product or service and promotional pen pots stand out in this respect. Pen pots are used to put pens in easily accessible standing position and are normally placed on a work...


Pencil Sharpeners - Valuable Business Gifts

Promotional pencil sharpeners are colorful plastic eye-catchers than can be in use for years. Office employees, artists, and people who work in the construction services are always happy to receive a new pencil sharpener as a business gift....


Promotional Polo Shirts Always In Favour

Custom imprinted or embroidered promotional polo shirts should always be offered for sale along with other types of souvenir t-shirts. These sports styles in shirts are preferred over the t-shirt due to their ability to look great on all sizes of...


Erasers Are The Little Known Marketing King

Promotional erasers can be quite the effective marketing tool based around a wider marketing strategy. They are great items for a number of reasons - they are different, they can be unique, artistic and as large as necessary, and although not...


Desk Accessories for Customer Appreciation

Using promotional desk accessories to show your appreciation to long-term clients and repeat customers is a great way to increase their brand loyalty and continue to keep your logo and company information in front of them on a regular basis. Smart...


Promotional Senator Pens Offer Style And Quality

When a company distributes publicity items to their target audience to promote their business, the company must feel assured that these promotional products will function well and appeal to their prospective consumers. When a product does not...


Fridge Magnets Are Great Attention Grabbers

Promotional fridge magnets are wonderful ways to advertise your important company name, logo, product-lines, or dot com address. Fun looking magnets can be die-cut into any shape that you like and printed with anything that is important to your...


China Mugs, Quality Reminders Of Your Company

When it comes to promoting your company, there are many different approaches you can take. One of the most effective ways to make a lasting impression is by choosing a personal approach. Promotional china mugs are the perfect tool for promoting your...


Promotional Leather Conference Folders

Leather conference folders can lend a touch of elegance to every type of paperwork presentation. These folders are normally branded with your important corporation logo, company name, or organisation slogan on the front cover. Inside, there are...


Promotional Clothing - A Walking Billboard

Everyone knows you are not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but most of us do look at what others are wearing. We may like to believe that we are somehow immune to that normal human reaction, but such immunity is truly rare. To the savvy...


Eco Friendly Recycled Promotional Pens

When was the last time you wrote a letter with a tire? When did you last sign your name using a beer bottle? Chances are you have recently, since many pens and pencils these days are made from recycled materials like tires and beer bottles. Recycled...


Promotional Rulers Measure Up In The Marketplace

Only a handful of household items actually remain with people throughout the years. Many items, whether they get lost during a move, thrown out, or borrowed and never returned, just simply need to be replaced often. One household item that seems to...


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