Promotional Wrist Rests

If you are seeking practical promotional products to gift to your clients, then branded wrist rests tick all the boxes! Any company or organisation can benefit from branded wrist rests. Employees, customers, and business partners use custom wrist rests every day while working at their computers. Printed wrist rests serve as a platform to hold your wrists in line with a keyboard thus improving comfort during extended online work. Branded with your company logo, message and graphics, wrists rests offer continuous brand recognition and will Improve productivity at the same time.

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Aqua Mat Wrist Rests printed with a company design for office promotions and giveaways at GoPromotional
Aqua Mat Wrist Rest
From: €7.52
Min Qty: 100
Promotional Hard Top Wrist Rests branded in full colour print with a corporate design for event giveaways
Hard Top Wrist Rest
From: €7.56
Min Qty: 100

Imprinted Promotional Wrist Rests

Carpal Tunnel is large in the public eye these days, as so many who use computers for extended lengths of time eventually suffer from it. Along with computer typing, comes using the mouse for cursor placement. Both activities can aggravate existing conditions or contribute to new ones. The problem is, just about everyone uses a computer for long periods, especially in the workplace. A perfect solution, preventive item or gift is a wrist rest, for both keyboard and mouse usage.

Physical therapists will find that utilising promotional wrist rests offers the ideal reminder that muscle pain relief is just an appointment away. They also serve as convenient telephone number placement or reminders of appointments already set. Branded wrist rests act as superb marketing expansion tools.

Sore backs and leg pain are common with less than ergonomic chairs and poor seated postures, which crop up often in front of a monitor. Massage therapists can easily use promotional wrist rests to serve as reminders of pain alleviation and instill a sense of loyalty and thanks. When clientele chat to friends about where they go for stress relief, wrist rests emblazoned with brand or company names make it that much easier to glance over and give a number, increasing business awareness.

Of course, computer repair shops would be remiss not to include promo wrist rests of both varieties for reminders on who to call when computer problems present themselves. This kind of brand recognition and faithfulness is invaluable and offers convenience for customers, as well. It is always appreciated when one does not have to waste time looking up phone numbers when crisis hits and someone to turn to for help is immediately presented. Large or small, any business or organisation can see the benefit from such practical and helpful product placement.


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