Promotional Balloons

Balloons can turn any type of public event into a hot advertising opportunity for your business. Balloons are used for events, political campaigns, and for all types of grand opening or sale events. High-quality balloons are made to hold helium gas so that they can stay in the air for a very long time. Colourful balloons will always be able to help in creating a festive image around store displays, your trade show booth, or when used as public handouts during festivals.

Promotional balloons can be printed with any type of advertising message that will help your project to succeed. To save money on advertising balloon orders, many clubs and businesses will shop online at one of the larger ad item stores. At GoPromotional we offer thousands of different types of advertising items that can be printed with advertising messages for giveaway projects. These types of stores offer discounted prices when a volume-sized order is placed. It is easy to save money by ordering balloons for multiple projects all at once through one of these wonderful advertising supplies online stores.

Custom printed balloons can come in almost every color of the rainbow, with printing done in eye-catching colors that help the balloons to appear to be very special items. Balloons can be ordered in a variety of sizes that can help all types of projects to succeed. As an example, a family restaurant may need small printed balloons to give away with the children's meals, while large printed balloons may be more appropriate to fly over a fair or carnival booth that is handing out printed information.

18" Foil Balloon

From: €1.04

Standard 12" Balloon

From: €0.07

Standard 10" Balloon

From: €0.06