Promotional Sweatshirts

Increasing brand awareness has never been more mobile! Wedged between posh, higher-end promotional devices such as engraved wine gift sets and the more common, ubiquitous items like monogrammed pens and magnets, lies the fantastic niche of the sweatshirt. A moving billboard, these cosy garments can endear a wearer, creating loyalty and expanding market reach as they are proudly displayed upon a body in motion.

While wine sets are luxurious and advertising pens are practical for every-day use, the sweatshirt is more personal; it serves a necessary function in the wardrobe, it is looked to as a favourite and, more importantly, it remains with the owner for years. A beloved branded sweatshirt is like a faithful companion; it stays with its wearer, handled, seen, worn and always touting awareness of the branding emblazoned upon it.

Promotional sweatshirts are absolutely ideal as thoughtful gifts to employees, increasing brand devotion, or raffled off at a fundraiser for greater exposure to potential customers. Employees often prefer items that make life easier and more comfortable. What better way to promote company pride and cohesion than with this outerwear favourite as a constant binding agent? Similarly, purchasers enjoy expressing the preference of their best brands with a display on their clothing. A kind of silent word-of-mouth advert, they are a fabulous way to always be in the community.

AWDis Street Hoody

From: €15.33

AWDis Heather Hoody

From: €11.94

AWDis Electric Hoody

From: €12.85

AWDis College Hoody

From: €10.31

AWDis Varsity Hoody

From: €12.11

Gildan DryBlend Hoody

From: €12.04