Promotional Hoodies

Promotional campaigns are vital to the lifeblood of any business, and one of the most time-tested types of campaigns are free giveaways as a reward to either new or loyal customers. There is quite a range of products available for promotions, so businesses who go this route will have to decide what they want to give to their clientele. In many instances, inexpensive items can do quite nicely, as long as they are useful to the recipients. But for those who would like to invest a little more based on the theory that you have to sometimes spend money if you want to make money, one of the really fine choices for a giveaway would be clothing emblazoned with a company or organisation's carefully crafted logo. And in this particular category, one of the most sure-fire choices would be hoodies, which are likely to be welcomed enthusiastically by just about anyone who receives one.

Hoodies really are something special. They are an eminently useful item, keeping people warm while helping them look good at the same time. These items are attractive, well-made and practical for just about anyone, men and women alike. Available in many colours and all different sizes, imprinted they are an ideal way to get the message out about businesses who value quality. If your shop or department store wants to be known as a establishment that sells only the best products, then giving away customised tops will make exactly the impression you are looking for.

But you actually have another option with branded tops: embroidery. Instead of just having your logo printed on the front, it is possible to have it embroidered on, which adds a lovely touch to an already attractive item. But whatever you might choose to do with your logo, what really matters is whoever receives it will be delighted.

Grateful purchasers should not underestimate their power as a medium for advertising. When people see your handsome and functional as a high-quality purchase, they are going to sit up and take notice. This kind of a free gift is going to do wonders for the reputation of your company. From now on, you will be known far and wide as a purveyor of only the finest and most useful items.
You cannot ask more.

AWDis Girlie Longline Hoody

From: €12.21 Min Qty: 25

AWDis College Hoody

From: €10.16 Min Qty: 25

AWDis Varsity Hoody

From: €11.93 Min Qty: 25

Gildan Heavy Blend Hoody

From: €9.12 Min Qty: 25

Fruit Of The Loom Classic Hoody

From: €10.64 Min Qty: 25

Gildan Heavy Blend Youth Hoody

From: €7.77 Min Qty: 25

AWDis Varsity Zipped Hoody

From: €15.11 Min Qty: 25

AWDis Street Hoody

From: €15.11 Min Qty: 25

AWDis Heather Zipped Hoody

From: €14.18 Min Qty: 25

Gildan DryBlend Hoody

From: €11.86 Min Qty: 25

Gildan Heavy Blend Zipped Hoody

From: €11.80 Min Qty: 25

Gildan Heavy Blend Contrst Hoody

From: €9.34 Min Qty: 25

AWDis Girlie Zipped Zoody

From: €14.18 Min Qty: 25

AWDis Chunky Zipped Hoody

From: €21.00 Min Qty: 25

AWDis Electric Hoody

From: €12.67 Min Qty: 25

AWDis Heather Hoody

From: €11.77 Min Qty: 25

Gildan Kids Heavy Blend Hoody

From: €7.77 Min Qty: 25


They fulfilled my order to my specifications and was happy with the result, very fast response times and was on target every time!

Posted 1 day ago

Amber Clabburn

Very prompt and fantastic service - would use again!

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Stephanie Rodrigues

the service was good and Brad Mellor was fantastic

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We were very pleased with our order, the finished product looked great and we received excellent customer service and a quick delivery. We would definitely recommend in the future.

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The Order I placed arrived outside the maximum delivery expected date of 19th Dec. (It arrived at 4pm on 20th Dec. I required them for a Trade show at 9am on this same date, 50 miles away.). I contacted Go Promotional in November when I placed the order to ensure delivery would be on time for the show. I was assured it would be and that it might arrive towards the latter end of the expected delivery dates, however it was still late. What was worse was the subsequent invoice to state the items were delivered on the 19th. The day before they we actually delivered. I had been in contacted with the Courier service daily in the run up to delivery and they only arrived in Dublin Port on this date, It still had to go to central processing and then get distributed regionally, which to be fair, the courier service did in a very prompt manner. Luckily I have another trade show that I can use the stock for in early spring. However I was left very frustrated from the lack of communication by GoPromotional. I had to source answers and the company was not proactive to the myself in communicating their timeline /production/delivery issues. had they done this, I could have at least sourced alternative products.

Posted 1 week ago


Tom went above and beyond to ensure our order was delivered in the desired time frame. Many thanks

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Tom was very helpful with what we were looking to achieve, we were extremely pleased with the finished product.

Posted 1 week ago

Craig Duncan

Tom provided an excellent level of support to The Archie Foundation with our Merchandise order. His care and attention was excellent and we look forward to dealing with Tom in the future.

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Cheshire Lamont

Professional, attentive, great products.

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Great customer service and delivery to spec within expected timeframe, thank you.

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