Promotional Highlighter Pens

Branded highlighter pens are available in a range of styles and ink colours to meet all budgets. Perfect for brand building, highlighters and printed text markers are used in schools, universities, and business offices. Students or employees can highlight useful areas of text for future reference. Highlighters featuring your company logo and message are promotional products that appeal to all ages. They offer a practical giveaway that will be appreciated by everyone.

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Highlighter Pens Display Your Message Brilliantly

Promotional highlighter pens are brilliant shots of color that are used daily in most office locations. These neon pens are often the only brilliant colors that are seen on top of the desk and this makes them the item that will be noticed first when somebody glances across the desktop as they are walking by. Neon highlighter pens are a really great way to get your important advertising message noticed inside of professional office settings.

Advertising highlighter pens come in units that look like pens, or in color-combination units that are interesting objects to look at when they are resting on top of a desk. Ad covered promo highlighters also work very well to draw attention to your sales materials in booth sales and at trade shows. As crowds pass by your booth at these important events, a small pile of neon highlighter pens placed strategically around your booth can help the consumers to notice various sections of your display.

Some promo highlighter pens will come inside of a clear desktop storage unit. These fishbowl-styles of highlight pen dispensers are always admired when they are used inside of offices, classrooms, or during community functions. Text can be printed onto the dispenser and onto the pens so that these important words reach more people. After the useful highlighter pens are used up, the classy looking dispensers are often kept in use to hold other things so that your advertising text remains on display.

At GoPromotional, we carry a large selection of interesting office products that can be branded with your important company name, logo, or dot com information. Highlighter pens can be grouped with other advertising pens, pencils, or promo paperclips into giveaway packages that your employees, clients, and customers will thank you for. When a group of inexpensive office items are all branded and given away at the same time, this package appears to be a very special gift.


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