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Promotional products offer an opportunity for building brand awareness. Low-cost printed pencils draw attention to your advertising message providing excellent brand exposure. Promotional pencils are ideal for schools, universities, offices, tourist attractions and gift shops. They are equally popular for handing out at trade shows, events and conferences. Pencils have a long lifespan, so your company logo, text and graphics will be visible for many months! Our writing range includes personalised graphite pencils, but we don't stop there! Try our novelty pencils, carpenter, neon, and foil pencils to add some fun! Order today and take advantage of an affordable marketing tool!

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Promotional Pencils Can Be In Use For Years

Pencils can be elegant writing instruments that are very desirable objects to own. As most writing tool campaigns focus on promo pens, the mechanical pencils are often overlooked by accident. Since all people need a good black ink pen and pencil in their office supplies drawer, the advertising campaigns that focus on pencil giveaways can often produce some really good results.

Promotional pencils can look just like the eye-catching metal pens that all executives like to own. Right now, there is a lot of advertising being done for the designer name pens and pencils so that the printed text on the sides of the nice looking mechanical pencils are being watched and read by all curious people in the room. It is possible for all types of industries to cash in on the designer advertising campaigns by simply printing their own important logos or names onto the barrels of high-quality mechanical pencils or pens.

Custom printed pencils come in every shade of the rainbow and lots of different unique looks. Metal-based ad pencils are often turned into designer inspired works of art through lacquering and layering processes that result in a stunning appearance. The colours that are achieved through lacquering are beautiful and often equated to looking into a deep pool of colourful water. Ads that are displayed on these eye-catching branded pencils are really noticed as the pencil itself attracts lots of admiring looks.

Mechanical pencils can often be used successfully at trade shows where all other booths are offering advertising pens. When a giveaway item is different from the other items around it, this unique item will attract attention. Since these printed pencils can be refilled, the ad text stays in circulation where it can be seen for a very long time. When a colourful refillable pencil is used in a busy office setting, the text can be viewed hundreds or thousands of times before this pencil becomes obsolete.


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