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Personal contact may be on the decline with the rise of electronic communication. However, the business card still presents a vision of certainty in our digital world. In business, you never know where the next sale is coming from, so all channels of communication are essential. If you give the right person a promotional business card holder with your card inside, one simple view and follow-up call can make all the difference! For this reason, your investment in promotional card holders is more than merely a giveaway; it's a certain point of reference between you and your customers. Branded business card holders are available in a range of styles and prices meet all marketing budgets. Printed or engraved with your logo, they are ideal for handing out at exhibitions, trade shows and conferences.

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Promotional Business Card Holders

Business cards are not new. The idea has been around since cavemen punched one another to leave their own unique bruise on their business partner. Business cards help to create and maintain contacts in a simple and very easy-to-read and standardised format.

The challenge with business cards however is not losing them. Every meeting garners at least one or two new business cards, and these cards can be thrown on a desk, in a binder, in a conference bag or left in a pocket to be washed with last week's gym clothes.

It's important for any company to maintain business contacts, whether they be salesmen, clients, or simply just networking opportunities. That's why we can offer your company the opportunity to make and distribute branded promotional business card holders.

By ordering promotional business card holders, you're able to offer your network of clients and customers something much more than a simple business card. Think of the impression your company can leave on a person by offering them a place to store their important contact information. You can even leave a business card of your company in the holder! Talk about an easy way to get your name out there.

People are busy. The last thing they need is another obstacle in the way of them getting things done. That's where your company and your specialised advertising business card holder comes into play. The owners of your branded business card holder will be able to thank your company every time they need to grab the email of an important client. Your company will be a helpful partner in the business process, and if you can help them in this way, then you'll have them wondering if your company can help them in other ways too.

Sure, everyone has their own organising system set in place, but how difficult is it to hold onto something smaller than a traditional mobile phone? People can keep your company's marketing message with them in their pocket as they go to business meetings or even travel, and that's a great place for your company to be.

We can offer different sizes of business card holders, ranging from smaller, compact sizes that hold the fewer more important business contacts, or the larger index type of object used to hold onto all networking possibilities.

Give us a call today and let us help you solve your business and advertising requirements. Our representatives are highly qualified to help your company and are awaiting your call!


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