Promotional LED Keyring Torches

Put your next advertising promotion in the spotlight with printed keyring torches. These popular promotional products will act as brilliant promoters for your brand. Light and easy to carry, they will provide your business clients with both a keyring and handy torch! When the power goes out, these fun and practical corporate torch keyrings will help your customers find their way. Available in a range of colours and styles and printed with your logo, they are perfect for attaching keys to. Allow promotional torch keyrings and LED keyring lights to illuminate your marketing! 

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Spark Interest With Promotional Keychain Lights

Many promotional products are novelty items. They are interesting and different. Imprinted keychain lights are just such an article of interest. Modern technology has made it possible to have very miniature but bright LED bulbs used in very small and ultra thin keychain flashlights. There is ample room for imprinting on the light cases. This makes the promotional keychain lights ideal for ordering in large quantities for gifts.

Realtors use these small advertising tools at open houses to pass out to visitors. A keychain light is a perfect "housewarming" gift for a prospective buyer of a house or a vehicle. There are many instances where a light is needed that involve a key also. Having a small torch handy in the dark when you are struggling to find a keyhole is really helpful.

It's funny, but many of the available keychain lights have secondary tools built into them as well. Some styles feature a small screwdriver with tips, or a whistle as part of the light. Even the lighting capability can vary. The LED lights allow a beam of bright focused light, but there are some that have a special clear dome cover that spreads the light out beyond a small bright beam. Other styles feature color LED lights for lighting that is a bit less bright.

Styles for keychain lights are different also. Some actually look like miniature versions of their big brother full size flash lights. Others are small like a cigarette lighter that fits easily into your hand. There is, of course, a key ring attached. Some may have a clip attachment instead of a ring at the end.

Colours make these branded products easy to find and identify. Your company imprint will fit on the top of the unit for all to see whenever they use the light or keys. Promotional keychain lights are very affordable and usually are ordered by the hundreds. Prices run from under a dollar to under two dollars for most styles, with significant decreases in prices for higher quantity orders.

Whatever style is chosen, the end results are very attractive, useful and affordable. Keychain lights featuring your company logo will spark interest and be snapped up by guests and customers. Take a good supply when you attend a show or convention so you have enough to pass out to everyone who wants one. These are small, but effective imprinted messengers that spark interest and will be helping people find their way and the right keys in the dark for a long time.


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