Branded Bottle Opener Keyrings

When buying low-cost promotional products, not many options match promotional keyring bottle openers. Used over and over again, branded bottle opener keyrings are handy and useful tools. Every time your customer opens a cold drink, they will be seeing your logo. Our range includes fun keyrings which can be clipped to a belt loop or pocket. This makes serving drinks at parties so much easier. Bottle openers are perfect giveaways for handing out at bars, clubs, pubs or festivals and outdoor events.

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Promotional Keychain Bottle Openers

In Ireland, promotional keychain bottle openers have made a comeback during recent years. These handy items were once only used to open alcoholic beverages while today they are used by all ages of users to open bottled water, designer fruit-blend drinks, and the tops of soda pop cans. These sturdy metal bottle openers are designed to last for years, and this can help to keep your important advertising message before the public eye for many years.

Keyring bottle and can openers are naturally very popular around college campus communities. In these areas, every type of industry advertises on bottle openers so that the young adults will collect and display these bottle openers to other young consumers. College-age students are among the biggest consumer spenders while they are trying to set-up new homes and their new career-oriented lifestyles. Keychain advertising of all sorts works very well in college communities.

Metal keychain bottle openers are items that are often sold or given away at bars, concerts, or at sports events. These colorful metal items are then collected by many different types of high school and college students. These young adults carry more than one advertising bottle opener around clipped belt chains or backpacks. As other young adults stop to chat, everybody reads all of the bottle opener keyrings involved. While this might sound a bit different, this style of advertising works.

Metal keyrings come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and colors. Many of these beverage openers come in styles that do not look like a bottle opener. Modernistic bottle openers, retro bottle openers, and all types of whimsical eye-catching bottle openers are available for printing on key holders today. Your company name, event message, or important dot com addresses can all be printed at reasonable prices on these collectible bottle opener keychains.


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