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Branded paper bags help businesses reach their target audience with ease. Marketing through the use of promotional paper bags perks up brand recall value. Used as a shopping bag or gift bag, they are available in many designs and styles. Standard kraft paper bags are ideal for a company to make a bold statement and impression on its clients. High quality branded rope handle bags ensures stability and are perfect for carrying heavier items. Gloss laminated paper bags featuring contrasting coloured rope handles and are perfect for the high end retail, fashion or gift sectors. Custom printed with your company logo and message, our promotional bags will act as a distinctive billboard for your brand all over the city.

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Paper Bags Come In Designer Styles Today

Paper bags are very popular in eco-friendly circles today. To meet the new demands for high-quality paper shopping bags for shoppers, many manufacturers have created designer inspired styles that are elegant in comparison to the older styles of brown paper bags that were once used for utilitarian purposes. Today, even the brown Kraft paper bags have taken on some of the new designer aspects that other bags are enjoying.

Brown kraft paper bags now come with decorative twisted rope handles, ruffled edges to prevent paper cuts, and reinforcements in all of the important places. Kraft bags are made from real wood pulp so that they decompose in a manner that is healthy for our earth. This type of wood pulp bag is bleached into various shades of white that can be tinted with dyes into every shade of the rainbow so that your important advertising words on the sides of these eco-friendly bags look very stylish and fashionable.

Upper-quality promotional paper bags come with cardboard inserts that allow the advertising words on the side of the bag to remain unwrinkled while the bag is in use. The text that appears on these bags is always easy to read so that your important ad spend that is spent on these fashionable bags is not wasted. The paper used in the fancy consumer bags is made thick so that each bag can hold lots of weight and be used more than once before it is discarded.

Today's styles in sturdy paper bags come in all types of shapes and sizes. It is possible to order extra wide or extra tall paper bags to match the unusual sizes of inventory that is sold by your establishment. The extra wide examples can hold longer text statements across the front in a manner that really catches the eye. There are some very interesting styles in custom printed paper bags on the market today.


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