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Branded cotton shopping bags are one of the most popular promotional products. Printed cotton tote bags with your company logo are perfect for raising brand awareness and are used regularly by supermarkets, businesses and charities throughout the UK. In the age of growing environmental concerns, long handled natural cotton bags can help cut-down on non-reusable materials. Promotional cotton bags are manufactured in cloth, jute, hessian and canvas, processed from natural fabrics or refined organic materials. Sturdy, reusable cotton tote bags with their comfortable handles are perfect for packing with shopping or carrying conference and exhibition materials around at shows and events. 

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Super Value Cotton Shoppers

The environment has become an issue that is at the forefront of people's minds these days. A majority of people are changing their habits in an attempt to take better care of this world we live in. Some of the habits that people are changing are riding bikes instead of driving or changing to compact fluorescent light bulbs, but the biggest and easiest one people are doing is switching from plastic shopping bags to reusable cotton bags. For your supermarket to stay with the changing times you need to upgrade as well.

Offering promotional cotton shopping bags is one thing that many stores are doing and if your supermarket is not, it could be hurting your business. There are a growing number of people who determine whether or not to go to a certain store based on if they are eco friendly. Cotton shopping bags are just one easy step to become known as a green store. Not only do custom cotton shopping bags give you a good appearance, but they also help to get your supermarket's name out into the public.

People will use your promo bags for just more than a trip to your store. They will use them to carry items to the office, school, on day trips and to the fitness centre. This means that your store will get a large dose of advertising from just one bag. Multiply that by all the bags you offer and you virtually have your own marketing team out on the streets every day. To help the environment and your own store, switching to promotional cotton shopping bags should be considered by any marketeer.


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