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Distribute branded post-it notes to your colleagues and customers and watch how your brand awareness grows as they are passed around the office on a daily basis. Available in a huge range of shapes, sizes and colours, promotional sticky notes are fun and highly cost effective promotional printed paper products which will stick in everyone's minds.

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Sticky Notes - Advertising that Sticks Around

In most businesses, advertising is a very important component. In recent years, however, the most effective advertising methods have changed. Rather than gaining numerous new customers through traditional advertisements on billboards, television, or in magazines and newspapers, many places have turned to promotional giveaways. Though there are several different promotional products that can be customised by organisations, the ones that have proven to be the most effective are those that are actually practical or useful for the customer, such as office supplies. Sticky notes have proven to be especially effective as company giveaways for a number of reasons.

Sticky notes are used by most people at some time or another. In the business world and in offices, they are often used when someone needs to jot down an important note or to add a message to a larger document or file. They are also commonly used in homes also as an ideal place to write down reminders or any type of note imaginable. Because they can be stuck anywhere and removed easily, they are simply very convenient products. For this reason, sticky notes are ideal when given to mostly anyone. They are also very affordable  and they provide a number of other benefits. When your companies information is emblazoned on all the pages of a sticky pad, there are several opportunities for people to see your information. Not only will it be seen by the person writing the note but also by the person or people it is intended for as well as anyone else who happens to read it. Just imagine the number of opportunities that can exist in just promo sticky note pads! The options are limitless, and since the notes can be spread all over, so can your corporation.

GoPromotional is your ideal source for sticky notes. We offer a wide variety of styles, shapes, and designs. We have styles that can be imprinted in a number of ways such as on the pages, on the cover, or even on the sides of the pad. All of our sticky note pads are of the highest quality and feature full color printing. We also offer affordable pricing, so it is possible to find the right ones that will fit their budget. Using GoPromotional, you will surely be able to increase that number of potential new clients.


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