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When seeking to raise brand awareness, promotional notepads are one of the most cost-effective and popular stationery promotional products. Printed notepads with company logos and contact details on are highly popular office giveaways. Everyone has a need to write something down during the day, whether on desk pads or memo pads. It's this appeal which makes printing on custom notepads and branded notebooks such a winning formula. Our budget-friendly UK notepads and writing pads cover a wide range of sizes and styles to suit all marketing budgets.

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Note Pads Are An Affordable Advertising Medium

In the business world, advertising is an important and on-going project. Without proper advertising and marketing, it typically is not possible for a small business to become well known enough to meet its financial needs. Each year, business owners spend millions on billboards, TV ads, radio ads, and direct mailing materials only to still fall short of their goals. The truth is, these methods do not attract as many customers as they use to. Today, people are presented with so many advertisements on a daily basis that they have become desensitised. As a result, it must be unique in order to be truly effective. Even at trade shows or other venues where individuals are looking for businesses to meet their needs, it is important to have a campaign that sets you apart from the other companies. In recent years, promotional note pads have proven to be a very effective tool.

As a customised piece, note pads are very affordable, and they can be found in a number of different sizes and styles. What sets them apart from other branded materials such as brochures or ads on billboards or the TV is that they are actually useful to the potential customers. Instead of just offering a message, note pads offer a real purpose. As a result, people are much less likely to throw them away. Instead, they will probably use them on a regular basis, and each time they take the note pad out, they will see your name or logo right on the front cover. Depending upon the style, your organisation may be presented on the individual pages as well, which leads to even more opportunities. In this case, not only will the person writing on the pad be reminded of your organisation, but whoever looks at the pad will see it as well. In turn, each note pad can lead to several possible leads and opportunities.

At GoPromotional, we carry a large variety of note pads as well as other paper products. They are of the highest quality, and available in a number of different sizes and styles. Very affordable, and all are designed to prominently display your information. No matter what style you choose, products from GoPromotional can serve as very effective eye catching materials, and they can attract numerous
new clients.


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