Printed Stress Balls

Custom printed stress toys or stress relievers are creative and popular promotional products for an effective advertising strategy. Distribute foam rubber stress toys as promotional gifts at corporate events, exhibitions, conferences, and more. Branded stress toys are similar to stress balls but are available in a wide range of shapes. Clients and employees can use promotional stress toys as physical therapy in the office to increase work productivity. 

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Promotional Stress Toys Make Fun Work for You

One of the best attributes of promotional products in general is that they are fun to receive. Promotional stress toys are high up on the list for fun items to give away that also advertise your company at the same time. Originally developed as a medical tool, firm foam squeeze toys were designed to work the hand muscles of persons recovering from injuries. The repetitive squeezing motions also were found to relieve stress of the mind at the same time, and a new industry was born.

Imprinted stress relievers are made from that same firm foam. You can squeeze it all you want and it will always return to its original shape. Round ball shaped stress toys are very popular and they do have a good space allotted for an advertising message. There are plenty of other shapes that are offered for stock sale, and it is possible to order custom shapes as well.
Logo shapes, buildings, animals, people and body parts are all great subjects available in stress toy foam and ready to be imprinted upon.

Use stress toys as fun gifts at meetings and conventions. Get up on stage in front of a crowd and start tossing several out into the audience and watch the fun begin. Be sure you have a good supply available because everyone will want one. Some will tell you it is for their children, but you know it is going to be their personal stress reliever toy!

Branded stress toys are good for business. When presented at events, everyone wants one and your imprinted message will be distributed all over the meeting hall and go home with the group. The imprints are colorful and clear, and will last as long as the almost indestructible foam that they are made from.

Like all branded advertising products, these items have a job to do. They will carry your company name or logo, or a product name, around wherever they go. All the while, these little messaging tools are keeping your name out in front of the recipient and anyone else nearby who sees them.

Stress toys featuring your message are very affordable to order in large quantities. Most are only about a pound each, or less, in quantities of 100. It’s a small investment for a item that will keep on promoting your corporation or event long after it is given away. There's another reason to select stress relievers today. In a bad economy, they lift spirits and bring a smile to all who
use them!


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