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Everyone loves button badges because they are fun, cheap and highly visible. When it comes to promotional products to show off your company and market your business, button badges are about the most cost-effective way imaginable. Humble button badges are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes and work brilliantly as point of sales devices worn by staff announcing offers to shoppers or customers. A long-time favourite badge of the political class, charities and fundraising events, branded button badges will work for your business. Designed the right way they make lasting fashion items which can be easily seen from a distance and cost only pence to produce and distribute.

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Promotional Button Badge

Button badges were very popular during the 1965 to 1975 hippy and disco eras. These colourful buttons came with every type of product, service, and smiley message imaginable. When the button craze was in full-swing, it was not unusual to see people walking around dressed like advertising billboards with many buttons on that promoted their favorite political statement or product-line.

Today, all of these old buttons are highly collectible with our younger generations who were not around to buy their "Peace!" buttons when these promotional button badges were first issued. While keeping all trademark and licensing laws in mind, some current companies and businesses are having retro styles of advertising buttons printed to use in their current advertising campaigns.

Colourful buttons can be printed that look almost like the original hippy buttons from a distance. Up close, they advertise the current company themes, sales, or products. The retro looking buttons are being worn by people under the age of 35 as fashion accessories that go with the popular retro styles in clothing that are being sold today. When a company chooses to hand out free retro badges, this pin might be worn daily and seen by hundreds of people as the pin-back button owner travels about in their community.

Promotional button badges can be printed with any type of message at a very reasonable price. They make perfect group gifts, trade show giveaways, or community event advertising pieces. At GoPromotional we sell custom made badges at wholesale prices to groups, companies, and individuals with volume-order needs. Our pin-back buttons are sold in various sizes of multiple-pieces that are sized to accommodate all types of advertising projects.


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