Printed Coasters

A great way to raise your company profile is with highly popular promotional coasters!. Every time customers pick up their coffee mug or drink and places it back on your custom coasters they'll be seeing your logo and message. This creates widespread recognition of your company and the services you offer. Branded coasters and beer mats personalised with your logo and advertising slogan are ideal for any place where drinks and beverages are served.

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Coasters Offer Longevity For Your Logo

Today, colourful promotional coasters can advertise your logo, name, or dot com address for a very long time. These inexpensive drink coasters are often handed out in restaurants, coffee shops, and at local pubs and bars to advertise all types of products, brands, or services. The ad coasters can come die-cut into all types of shapes, and there are various thicknesses available.

Drink coasters are designed to keep moisture away from the surface of furniture so that glasses will not slip, slide, or cause stains to occur. After these thick advertising drink pads are used at a local establishment, the patron will take their coaster home to reuse many times. Some people collect piles of branded coasters that are devoted to their favourite establishments, products, or services and others simply keep the coasters that have an interesting message on the front so that they will remember to visit this business.

Reusable coasters can be printed on one side, or both sides as desired. Popular choices in printing include full-color pictures or other eye-catching visuals that will draw the eyes towards the promotion. They can be used for drinks, plant pads, or any other use where moisture can be near the surface of furniture. Gardening supply stores can offer a square coaster to go with each potted plant that
is sold.

Smaller businesses will often use printed ones to get their important message out there, too. They will then ask local drink establishments or plant stores to hand out their eye catching coasters in exchange for supplying these professional looking drink pads for the customer to use free. Today, it is a popular trend to couple with other organisations for the purpose of advertising item distributions. Due to their inexpensive price, they are a very popular item.


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