Promotional Tape Measures

When it comes to practical promotional products, then branded tape measures are a perfect choice. Promotional tape measures are popular with the construction, engineering, surveying and building sectors. Measuring tapes are equally useful for any advertising related to DIY or home projects! Every time your customer uses your tape measure, they will be reminded of you and your company. Our range of tape measures features many colour options and price points to meet all marketing budgets. Hand your measuring tapes out at exhibitions and trade shows for maximum brand exposure.

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Promotional Tape Measures

For an advertising specialty that is definitely out of the ordinary, try giving out promotional tape measures. These are useful in many ways, including for advertising your company. Set an imprint of your company logo or name on the side of a tape measure and everyone will remember you. They might forget exactly where they put it sometimes, but they will remember what it looks like!

Promotional tape measures for advertising use are affordable and have some good options. They come in miniature versions to full size, with features like quick release and automatic locking. The smallest roll tape styles will fit easily into pocket or purse. There are some color possibilities, and a few have extra features like an LED light or bubble level. After all, these are real tools!

Your business does not need to be a hardware store to benefit from giving away these popular logo tape measures. Any store can use branded tape measures for advertising and tie the gift into a marketing campaign that has a related theme. This could be a theme about measuring success, calculating benefits, or anything else that is somehow related to either a measuring device, inches or building things. There are many ways to use this advertising tool in an event or sale theme.

Remember, even though people may not need a tape measure every day, there are days when they do need to use one. It is so frustrating to not be able to find a measure, but for measuring anything longer than a piece of paper, a roll style measuring tape is the only thing that works.

There are lots of roll tapes that can be imprinted with a company name. Another option to roll tapes is the flat tape style. They are about three feet long and are printed all along their length with a company message. These are made of paper or vinyl, and have a hole at one end for hanging on a hook. These are good to hand out for customer use in a furniture store, building center or any other business where knowing the measurement of an item is important.

Realtors and banks like to purchase miniature promotional tape measures that are branded with their logo and name to give out to customers who are thinking about buying a house. They are an inexpensive gift that runs from about one to several dollars apiece. The miniature models are excellent for any purpose and with an imprint will continue to advertise your company as long as they are in use.


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