Promotional Manicure Sets

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Promotional Manicure Sets

Manicure sets have been used in advertising campaigns successfully for decades. Professional men and women know that their nails must be kept in appropriate condition to perform their job duties properly. In the past promotional manicure sets were given away as premiums by drug stores, clothing stores, and the shoe repair shops. Merchants chose these handy little kits due to longevity and price. Today, all types of industries can take advantage of these tried-and-true advertising aides.

At GoPromotional we offer kits that can be printed for trade show distributions, customer gifts, or wedding reception thank you gifts. There are colorful styles of manicure kits that will appeal to young adults, middle-aged executives, and senior citizens. Manicure kits are personal care tools that can be used by every age group successfully. This makes this type of an advertising aide the right choice of distribution items for groups with mixed ages.

Inexpensive manicure kits come with different types of items included. Each company that would like to participate in this type of advertising campaign can choose manicure kit colors, interiors, and ad words that will make their ad item look very unique to their industry. In America, many people are very concerned with everything that has to do with healthy lifestyles today. The manicure kits fit right into these healthy lifestyle routines that require constant hand washing and attention to personal healthy lifestyle details like the condition of your nails. Custom printed manicure sets are a good choice for your next advertising or marketing campaign.


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