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Branded flash drives and memory sticks are practical promotional products you can print with your logo and company name to give your brand a boost. In the age of information and data storage, memory sticks and flash drives are a hands-on approach to transferring data when a "cloud" isn't readily available. Our wide range of printed memory sticks come in a variety of styles that include plastic, leather, metal and novelty designs to truly impress your customers. Compact and easy to transport, perfect for trade shows, exhibitions and events, our USB flash drives can be custom printed, or laser engraved to fit your portable storage needs.

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Promotional USB Flash Drives Make

Times have changed from the days when we had to cart along a bag full of documents, floppy disks, CDs and video discs to make an important presentation. The era of USB (universal serial bus) flash drives has done away with all this hassle. The USB flash drive, a small key-like digital device, can store a large amount of audio, video and text files, which we can access by plugging it into a port on our computer. Both the public and companies using promotional USB flash drives and memory sticks to market their business by imprinting their name, logo and message on these products, and then handing them out as gifts to their target markets, have found these items attractive.

The public likes custom imprinted USB flash drives because they are robust and multi-functional, especially since floppy disks are being phased out from modern computers. The promoting company prefers to use them because, besides being robust, versatile and highly appreciated by the recipients, they are mobile and durable, thus ensuring the promoting companies identity being broadcast extensively and for long periods of time. The promoting organisation can also preload their sales pitch and website link before distributing their promo USB flash drives or memory sticks.

Promotional USB flash drives come in various colors, shapes and models, giving the promoting company a free hand to choose the suitable types for their different target markets. The prices of branded logo imprinted USB flash drives, depending on their capacity, range from affordable to mid-range for their use to promote business. With all their fantastic advantages, USB flash drives just might be the perfect tools to gain huge success in advancing recognition of a brand name, solidifying a companies position in the marketplace or rewarding loyal clients.


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