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Increase brand awareness with tech promotional products and giveaways! Branded tech gadgets and promotional technology gifts are ideal for any marketing campaign. Our corporate gadgets include phone and tablet accessories, power banks, USB flash drives, chargers, speakers and more! Impress clients with technology products for home, car, work or during leisure activities. Printed with your company logo, these cost-effective brand marketing gifts are ideal for customers and staff! Distribute your custom printed gadgets and tech merchandise at trade shows, exhibitions and conferences for maximum impact!

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Promotional Computer & IT Accessories

If your company needs promotional items to give away to customers and potential clients that will make a serious impact, consider promo computer & IT accessories. These are obvious choices for companies in the computer or IT industries, but they will work for almost any company. Most of the items in this category are no more expensive than a high quality custom printed mug, but are much more unique and useful than some items many companies and organisations distribute.

One of the most popular computer related custom printed item is a mouse mat. A brightly colored branded mouse mat will feature your companies logo and name, and every time a customer or client uses their mouse they will be reminded of your organisation. These items can be distributed to a whole office building at once to get your name in on hundreds of desks. Promoting mouse mats are also one of the least expensive computer related branded items. They range from simple and thin mouse pads to extra large pads with built in gel wrist rests.

Why not order a set of custom made computer mice to go along with the mouse pads? It may sound out of your budget, but a high quality optical USB mouse can cost less than a fancy logo pen. Consider the impact you could make by sending every customer home with a imprinted mouse pad and matching mouse. A USB mouse can be used on any computer, making it an appropriate gift for all guests. An optical mouse uses a simple laser instead of a traditional roller ball. Some of these mice even include a retractable cord, which means anyone using them can simply throw them in a laptop bag.

A USB flash drive is another incredibly useful and inexpensive advertising computer & IT accessory to choose from. These devices are small storage devices used to hold or transfer any kind of computer files imaginable. Music, photos, and important documents can all be held on a flash drive. Most computer users have at least one flash drive on hand to transfer or back up their files, so why not have them using a flash drive with your name and slogan on it?

Flash drives can cost roughly the same as a custom printed mouse, and make a good alternative for customers who don't need another mouse. A USB drive can be kept on anyone's key chain, and every time a customer uses it they will be reminded of your business. All of these items make great gifts for repeat customers, are good for handing out at a conference or convention, and work to remind anyone who owns one of your organisation.


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