Promotional Rulers

Printed rulers are great for measuring the success of your next advertising campaign! Practical in nature and used by designers, engineers and architects, as well as children and teachers in schools. Rulers come in a wide range of materials, styles, sizes and colours. Branded rulers are the perfect low-cost way to get your text, logo and graphics noticed.

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Promotional Rulers Measure Up In The Marketplace

Only a handful of household items actually remain with people throughout the years. Many items, whether they get lost during a move, thrown out, or borrowed and never returned, just simply need to be replaced often. One household item that seems to be a staple of any home (although staples are too) are rulers.

Rulers, much like umbrellas tend to be forgotten until they are needed. When nailing holes in a wall to hang a family photo level, rulers are key. Not only do they help to measure the distance between objects, but help people to draw straight lines, and this dual purpose that they possess is the reason why rulers stay in homes for as long as they do.

Your company has customers for a reason: you keep them satisfied. You want your company to be seen as a straight-shooter, meaning a company that isn't going to falter and let down your clients. Putting your businesses central message on a promotional ruler will subconsciously remind consumers that you will stay straight and measure up to their standards.

Branded rulers fit in perfectly with a advertising gift bag given to your customer base. Combining this item with other branded advertising materials will give your organisation presence in the home of your customers, where they might otherwise not think heavily about your business. What a unique opportunity!

Consumers are faced with many different advertising and promotional items messages daily, so it's not an easy task to separate your name from your competitors. That's why branding everyday household objects such as rulers is essential to your competitive marketing strategy.

Can you ever remember a time when you were angry at a ruler? It just doesn't happen. That's why adding your logo or message to a ruler is such a fantastic idea, and it just seems so simple!

Our rulers come in a variety of colors and materials, so we can match your companies color scheme, logo, and style with ease. Tell one of our many friendly, courteous representatives what your goals are, and we will work with you to create promotions that will work for you. Just when you think it couldn't get any simpler, we did just that! Contact us today and we will begin building the perfect plan to meet your marketing objectives.


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