Promotional Mouse Mats

When it comes to office branding, promotional mouse mats represent the perfect desktop accessory for any UK business with their universal appeal and low price point. Just about everyone uses a computer during their working day, in fact recent UK research shows this number is as high as 89%, so it goes without saying that with some well designed printed mouse mats you can ensure your logo and message is seen throughout the day generating superior brand exposure. 

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Promotional Mouse Mats & Counter Mats

Mouse mats are very popular items to hand out at conferences and trade shows today. Advertising mouse mats can come in various thicknesses and lots of colorful options. Company logos, business names, and all types of contact information can be printed onto these computer helpmates. Full color photo backgrounds are also available on the high-quality mouse mats that are offered for advertising purposes today.

When businesses choose to advertise on a high-quality mouse mat or counter mat, this item is given to users to place on their desk where it will always be seen out of the corner of the eye while the consumer goes about using their computers. Tricks are used to help draw the eyes toward these mats by adding a few spots of the colors red, orange, or yellow into the designs that are chosen to print onto the promotional items. These three colours are eye irritants that are used in advertising to produce added interest in items.

Also easy to carry to trade shows or conferences for distribution to the public. They are also inexpensive to have printed with store names, club slogans, or dot com address information that the business would like the user to remember. Since the cushions are non-breakable lightweight items, they are also the perfect gift to include in direct mail marketing campaigns and to use as mailed thank you gifts.

Computer mice come in a variety of forms, and all forms currently work well on the standard types of promotional mouse mats. These high-quality advertising goods can be purchased through larger online stores that will also take care of all printing needs. Mouse mats and counter mats can come in the traditional square shapes and in whimsical fun shapes as well. Most computer users prefer the thicker style of pads, but some laptop and netbook users prefer the thinner pads because they will fold into their carrying case easier.


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