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When it comes to promoting your brand at trade shows, conferences, exhibitions and events, there are few more popular promotional products than printed lanyards. These low cost, eye-catching giveaways are perfect for handing out to customers as they visit your stand thus ensuring they will be carrying your company logo and brand throughout the day. Available in a huge range of colours and styles, and popular with festivals, sporting events, music concerts and students, promotional lanyards represent a functional brand carrier.

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Promotional Lanyards For Events

Lanyards are being used by all types of industries today. These neck-styles in tool holders act as quick uniform components that can be used for a wide variety of reasons. Company names, corporation logos, and school slogans or icons can be printed onto various styles of neck straps so that this important information is always on display to the public.

Workplace lanyards can hold simple things like a promotional pen, or they can be used to hold important tools and communications equipment outside on a large jobsite. In the past, lanyards were heavily used by the military to offer the troops an extra hand to hold tools when needed. Today, every type of industry can benefit through the use of colourful promotional lanyards.

Lanyard straps can come in slim, medium, or large areas for printing. The neck straps are available in safety light reflecting styles and in straps that glow in the dark. Lanyards offer a wide variety of hardware styles to hold identification cards, cell phones, specialty tools, sports whistles, presentation laser lights, and other types of often-used items. The back of these tool straps can come with breakaway clasps for safety so that there is never a problem if they are caught in machinery or equipment.

Today, small businesses can often take advantage of advertising on lanyard straps when they couple their efforts with a larger organization. Public schools are often searching for equipment sponsors for teacher tools and classroom supplies. Lanyards that are used by the teachers in a classroom can keep your important business name in front of the children while associating your logo with their school. Many types of small businesses benefit through this type of helpful advertising campaign.

Custom printed lanyards can be purchased in lots that can accommodate all sizes of workforces. At GoPromotional we offer discounts and savings on multiple-piece lanyard orders. High-quality lanyards are helpful advertising items that your employees will really enjoy. Tool straps can help all types of companies to increase production levels through eliminating unnecessary movements. When tools are hanging on custom printed lanyards, they are always available for use.


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