Custom Embroidered Fleece Jackets

Ensure your customers and employees keep warm with this winter with corporate branded fleece jackets. Our fleece jackets for both men and women will act as the perfect billboard for your printed or embroidered logo. Printed fleece jackets are ideal for travelling to work, going shopping, out for a run or attending exhibitions, trade shows and conferences. Embroidered promotional fleeces are a stylish choice for any company or organisation. Our custom embroidered fleeces include full zips or quarter zips in a variety of bright colours and are priced to meet all budgets.

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Expand Brand Awareness with Promotional Fleeces

If you are in the clothing business, giving away customised promotional clothing is an obvious choice to secure customer goodwill, while also gaining some excellent advertising for your store. On the other hand, if you are a non-profit organisation or a business that simply wants to reward loyal donors or customers with a nice imprinted item that will get your brand name out there in front of people, clothing emblazoned with your handsome logo could make the perfect choice. If your business fits into this picture somewhere, and this is the direction you think you would like to go with your promotion, then one of the most intelligent choices you could make would be to hand out branded fleeces to those you are hoping to reward or impress.

And impress them you will. An attractive fleece jacket imprinted with your store or organisation's stylised and memorable logo would be excellent advertising for whatever it is you are trying to sell. If it is products you want to move, then having your customers be seen in attractive fleeces that feature your logo will send the message that your store sells only the finest goods. When someone asks one of your customers about the jacket, and discovers it was actually given away for free as a part of a special promotion, that person is going to run - not walk - to your store so that he or she can get one of these beautiful fleece jackets too.

The fleeces come in various colour choices, and in all sizes, so you can order them exactly the way you want them. These jackets are warm, attractive and convenient, and none of your purchasers are going to be anything less than thrilled to receive a customised fleece as a part of a sale or giveaway.  If you are a non-profit, this kind of a free gift can create appreciation among your supporters, and the positive impression that will be made by having people out and about wearing these lovely jackets carrying your unique insignia can do nothing but help you.

They are stylish, well-made and the antithesis of a cheap item. Your patrons or supporters will be pleased to receive them, while others will take notice when your patrons are wearing them out in public with your brand name featured prominently across the front. This is the best kind of publicity you could get, and people's awareness of your business will be expanded dramatically as a result.


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