Printed Metal Keyrings

Metal keyrings are excellent marketing tools. With their many shapes and designs, they are a versatile choice for any business or organization. They can be used to promote health care, car insurance, church outreach, non-profits, surfboard producers and clothing lines, as well as practically anything and everything you can think of. Metal keyrings can also be engraved with a multitude of messages. They can simply have your company name or logo on them, or they could have inspirational sayings, Bible verses and other forms of scriptures, or even location and services offered.

With promotional metal keyrings there is no bad time to give them out. People generally appreciate receiving items that they can use in their everyday lives. This will increase the likelihood of your promotional products being used and increase the visibility of your message. Custom metal key rings can be given out at fairs, company meetings, as welcome presents, tokens of appreciation, trade shows and the like. Regardless of the distribution method you choose, these handy promo items are sure to be appreciated.

Unlike their plastic counterparts, the engraving on metal keyrings will not rub off. This helps ensure that they will always catch the eye and increase awareness of whatever you want to promote. Also, with their sturdy metal design, they are less likely to break, which helps to ensure that your marketing dollars are well spent. Keyrings are the perfect little trinket to use when you want to make a big impression. For any business or organisation that wants to spread the word about what they do, metal keyrings are ideal for any season or reason.

Trolley Coin Keyring

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Ultima Round Metal Keyring

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Ultima Square Metal Keyring

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Oasis Metal Keyring

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Player Metal Keyring

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Milan Metal Keyring

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Vienna Metal Keyring

From: €1.86

Block Metal Keyring

From: €1.81