Promotional Storm Proof Umbrellas

Have you found yourself and your umbrellas getting battered by torrential downpours and gale-force winds? In such conditions the umbrella fabric was likely ripped off, poles badly bent, and of course, you're drenched! If so, it's time to consider storm proof printed umbrellas! Storm proof, vented or promotional windproof umbrellas feature a unique double canopy. The upper half of the canopy has built-in vents which are covered by a second canopy. When the wind picks up, these vents keep pressure from building on the exterior and interior surfaces. The vents allow the pressure to even out on both canopy surfaces enabling air to pass through. By taking the pressure off the main structure, it reduces the possibility of umbrella failure. Whatever the weather, corporate storm proof umbrellas will spread your brand and protect customers from the elements.

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