Promotional Multi-Function Pens

Corporate giveaways are a big deal. They increase brand visibility, promote friendly business relations and send a message about the company providing the giveaway. Writing instruments are great advertising tools. They are portable, useful and widely used. Any business would benefit from using them as part of their effort to increase recognition of their products or services. There\'s nothing like a good pen to showcase the class, reliability and efficiency of a particular business or product. However, pens are also common giveaways. Because of their convenient size, bulk availability and overall desirability, many companies use pens as promotional tools. The solution to this troublesome quandary is to use a type of pen that will set you apart.

In order for a business to continue the tradition of handing out pens to increase visibility to potential customers at meetings, trade shows and office presentations without becoming pass, some are turning to promotional multi-function pens. These pens not only write well, form to the hand and last a long time, but they also serve dual purposes. Some multi-function pens come in a convenient pen and highlighter combo. Other options come with white out, tape measures, laser pens, flashlights and compasses attached. They could be the new go-to gadget for any business that wants to make sure that their business pen isn't going to see the lonely insides of a dark desk drawer.

Promotional multi-function pens are adaptable to many demographics as well. Whether it is a student taking advantage of the highlighter and pen combo or a secretary using the white out and pen combo, every use will guarantee more visibility for expanding your branding message.

Duo Twist Pen

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Cosmic Stylus Pen

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Atlanta Stylus Pen

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Senator Duo Pen

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Sprint 4 in 1 Multi-Ink Stylus Pen

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Rotring Tikky Multi Pen

From: €12.97

Titran Stylus Pen

From: €0.46

Monaco Stylus Pen

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Light Metal Pen

From: €1.36