Tradeshows and fairs are busy places. Often, potential clients are in the crowds but want to see more than time allows. For that reason, promotional items are a clever way to send the name of a business or product with someone even after she or he has gone on in the crowd. It is important too that the promotional tool be useful so that the potential client will keep it long after the event. Items that break, do not work properly or are not of use to the recipient get thrown out too quickly to be a reminder of services. The right promotional tool can do the work of advertising for months to come. One very simple, yet practical promotional item is the pen. Whether promotional Prodir pens are used at tradeshows, business presentations or at business meetings, they will offer a functional and classy way to promote a product or business.

Promotional Prodir pens are the fusion of function and form. Sculpted to fit the hand comfortably, the Prodir pen will leave a long-lasting impression on clients, potential clients and appreciated staff members. The promo pens are not just a communication device, they are described as being a system. The pens themselves vary in price range and form. Buyers can choose from various finishes, such as matte or frosted. They can also come with a number of options to enhance their function. For instance, buyers can have hooks attached for easy carry and have them capped or ballpoint. The possibilities are endless. With so many options and such high quality it is obvious that promo Prodir pens would be a useful tool for any corporation to brand and use for their marketing needs.

Prodir DS7 Pen

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Prodir DS2 Deluxe Pen

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Prodir DS2 Pen

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Prodir DS1 Pen

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Prodir DS4 Pen

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Prodir DS5 Deluxe Pen

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Prodir DS3 Deluxe Twist Action Pen

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