Promotional Pen Sets

Pen sets come in all types of price ranges. There are inexpensive sets that are available that feature high-quality writing tools. It is possible to use presentation-style pen sets in all sizes of giveaway projects without a lot of costs involved for the sponsors. Ink pen sets can come with rollerball pens, ballpoint pens, or matching mechanical executive pencils that are all printed with your important business name, logo, or slogan.

Currently, there is an enhanced interest in quality writing instruments due to some heavy media campaigns being run by a few pen designers. The printed names that are placed onto the pen or pencil barrels are being monitored carefully by all interested consumers that come into contact with these units. For advertisers, eye-catching pen sets offer an interesting way to display your important words where the designers normally have their logos on the pens.

When picking out the right writing tool set for your giveaway or presentation needs, there is often confusion about what the differences are between the rollerball and ballpoint pen offerings. These two styles of pens are often mated into an executive pen set because the outsides of the pens are almost identical in appearance. The real differences in these pens are found in the style of inks that their rolling ball delivery systems are designed to dispense.

Rollerball pens are European favorites that deliver an ink that seeps into the paper while it is being used. Ballpoint ink pens are American favorites that offer the users an ink that sets on top of the paper to dry almost instantly. In business settings, both styles of pens are very useful to own in a desktop pen set so that there is the right choice in ink for all professional uses. Desktop promotional pen sets offer two or three writing utensils that can be printed with text inside of a display-style of storage box that can also be printed with your important company advertising message.

Harley Pen Set

From: €4.47

Montreal Pen Set

From: €3.23

Casablanca Pen Set

From: €3.52

Balmain Arles Pen Set

From: €9.65

Balmain Isere Gift Set

From: €24.66

Balmain Millau Pen Set

From: €21.97

Cape Town Pen Set

From: €7.02

Silverstein Pen Set

From: €8.48

Scriabin Pen Set

From: €6.48

Waterford Pen Set

From: €8.01

Dubai Pen Set

From: €7.19

Gershwin Pen Set

From: €6.94

Schubert Pen Set

From: €6.81

Amadeus Pen Set

From: €10.23

Berlioz Pen Set

From: €4.02

Borodin Pen Set

From: €3.75

Purcell Pen Set

From: €2.80

Taurus Pen Set

From: €9.11

Balmain London Pen Set

From: €27.72