Promotional Ice Scrapers

Custom printed ice scrapers are the perfect alternative winter promotional product. With a raft of styles, colours and shapes available these highly practical giveaways always go down well with customers and employees alike. Furthermore, they make a welcome change to the traditional pens or mugs which means when you hand out your promotional ice scrapers your recipients are more likely to remember you.

At GoPromotional we have a wide range of quality ice scrapers for you to choose from, some come with a handy squeegee to assist in soaking up the excess water. When you imagine standing outside in the freezing cold weather, scraping ice off your car there's always left over moisture, and to have an ice scraper that you can keep close to hand in your glove box that also has a squeegee attached to it, could be very well received.

Maybe you would prefer an ice scraper that has comfortable grip for ease of use? Foam on the handle might be the answer for you. This kind of promotional ice scraper can once again be used to clean the windscreen and windows of your car and they very popular today within the auto industry.

A dual blade ice scraper creates a natural scraping motion and is also additionally capable of removing snow, frost or sleet easily from the car windscreen with the minimum of fuss. For those living in colder parts of the United Kingdom, during the winter months where snow falls much more heavily, a dual blade ice scraper could prove to be far more practical.

So next time you are planning an advertising campaign for your business or organisation, think about the positive impact that you could have using ice scrapers. They are a very cost effective alternative to having your business name printed onto pens and keyrings. The shear novelty fact will ensure that your logo and marketing message gets remembered for many months to come.