Conference Folders

When attending an exhibition, conference or business seminar, promotional conference folders are often the first thing any attendee will receive upon arrival. Embossed or printed with corporate branding, high quality printed conference folders in a range of styles and finishes represent a truly stylish and professional way in which to increase brand visibility.

Participants at your conference love to visit exhibition halls to gather information from vendors. For this reason, promotional conference folders are a very popular promo item to offer. The folders offer a great way for your customers to select the information they need and keep it all in a well-organised manner. And, because they are using it every day to gather and organise information, they will be seeing your name and logo many times each day as well.

Selecting the proper design for your folder is an important factor in the success of the campaign. The best ones offer an area that will hold a note pad so that personal notes and points of interests can be saved for future interest. This is also a great way to keep notes regarding the new contacts that you have made. Having the ability to make a few short notes about the company or contact will make it much easier to remember them when you are calling them in the future.

Other great design features that are included in the best conference folders are storage areas for items, such as security badges, USB drives or credit cards. It is helpful to know that everything can easily be carried in a single folder. Another helpful feature is the ability to carry writing tools for signing up for other businesses' mailing lists or making notes while talking to vendors. And finally, a well-designed branded one has an area that is specially designed to hold business cards. There is nothing worse than handing out business cards that are folded or bent, which gives off an unprofessional appearance. They make a great gift that your customers will love and will use for many years to come.