Promotional Counter Mats

When it comes to creating superior desktop advertising, branded counter mats offer the perfect high-impact solution! Offering an exceptional branding area, counter mats printed with company logos and graphics are highly popular with trade counters, service receptions, doctors, dentists and vet surgeries, basically anywhere that people have to arrive and book in and for a short span of time are a captive audience for your message. 

Computer companies are always looking for new, exciting ways to market their products or services. A simple, effective marketing method is to imprint their logo and contact information on something members of their target audience can use in their everyday lives. One shining example of branded merchandise that every computer user needs is promotional counter mats.

A computer mouse seems as if it never quite wants to do what the computer user asks it to, unless the user provides the perfect contact surface to appease its temperamental nature. This makes custom printed counter mats a great way to help your employees or customers keep their computer mice happy, while also effectively getting your name and image in front of them on a regular basis.

Whether your organisation provides computer programs, computer games or computer repair services, you can benefit from counter mats. Banks that offer online banking, companies with virtual storefronts, or online businesses that interface with customers through a website or other online means, should also consider promo counter mats for their marketing needs. These highly functional promo products are a great way to keep your company in front of your customers and remind them of your name when they are in need of your services.

Promotional counter mats can be sent out in bulk to businesses of any kind. This is a great way to please your clients by saving them the money and trouble of purchasing mouse pads for their employees, while also getting your computer repair firm’s name in front of their employees. When a computer breaks down, or a new one is needed, they will have your contact information on the counter mat to remind them of you, which will prompt them to call you for the needed services.