Eco Friendly Promotional Bags

Going green is hot right now and there has never been a better time to do your part for the environment. Promotional organic bags are a virtual must-have for any store. Whether you are marketing a grocery store, crafts store, bookstore, or gift shop, many people will take note of whether or not you use eco-friendly promo bags. A custom, organic branded bag is good not only for the environment, but for your company as well. The ability to personalise your bags means that they will let everyone know the steps you are taking to help the environment and lower your companies impact. Also they will increase the public’s awareness of your store and the services you offer.

Organic bags come in many sizes and shapes, allowing you to select the one that fits your needs perfectly. Custom organic bags are also great for promotional events that you may be offering. Customise them for Earth Day and use them as grab bags, or they can be a part of a buy an item and get a bag for free promotion.

With imprinted organic bags sometimes the bags themselves are reward enough. Many shops even sell them as an added source of revenue and consumers love to use promo organic bags when they are shopping. Not only because they are trendy, but because they reduce impact on the environment and help to ensure more resources for future generations. If you are like many shop owners and are wondering how they can increase advertising, while at the same time help the environment, you may want to consider using eco-friendly branded bags.

5oz Long Handled Natural Cotton Shopping Bag

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Rainham Tote Bag

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Colorado Document Bag

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Non-Woven Carrier Bag

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Packaway Shopper

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