Promotional Pedometers & Printed Step Counters

Promotional products are vital for getting your brand publicly visible. Useful items such as tote bags are more in demand, now that shoppers are trying to cut down on their plastic-bag usage at the shops. Stylish and practical mugs, T-shirts, pens and keyrings will always be part of the promotion pantheon. Here’s an original idea for a custom-printed device that puts your logo in the public eye in a fresh, beneficial way: Promotional pedometers.

If your company or brand relates in any way to health, fitness, or self-improvement, an imprinted pedometer is something you should consider for your next promotional giveaway. As people ramp up their efforts to stay in shape, walking has become a tremendously popular form of exercise. Pedometers are coveted by walkers of all fitness levels and ages. They're portable, affordable and are available in many styles and colors.

Doctors, physical therapists and health providers are encouraging walking as a viable method of staying in shape and losing weight. Promotional pedometers would be much appreciated by your clients and customers. Consider combining these imprinted giveaways with branded instructions on how to successfully use them in a fitness regime.

Although small, printed pedometers are highly visible and are required to be clipped on the front of a belt in order to work properly. Therefore, they're seen by the walker and anyone else in the vicinity along the walking route. Since people on walking plans are usually trying to reach a training goal, such as 10,000 steps a day, the pedometer is worn on a constant basis. Your logo will be seen whenever the number-count of steps is checked by the wearer. Pedometers are also great conversation-pieces. People are curious about how they work and want to know if they’re effective. There really is no downside when it comes to a gadget that encourages such a beneficial form of exercise that gets results.

Fitness walking has become so well-liked, that there are now many pedometer styles in various prices ranges to choose from. There’s sure to be a pedometer that will fit your branding format perfectly. Some are candy-colored with see-through lids, while others are basic shades of white, black and gray, with multi-functional capabilities. Their technical capabilities include light-up pedometers for nighttime walking; models with clocks for timed walks; and top-of-the-line pedometers that contain radios and ear buds. There are even solar-powered pedometers for a healthy, eco-friendly promotion. What a positive way to advertise your company with a device that will be used and enjoyed for a long time.

Solar Panel Pedometer

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Sprint Pedometer

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Olympic Pedometer

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SportActiv Pedometer

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Tracker Pedometer

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Candy Pedometer

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