Promotional Erasers

Promotional erasers can be quite the effective marketing tool based around a wider marketing strategy. They are great items for a number of reasons - they are different, they can be unique, artistic and as large as necessary, and although not used often, most people are unlikely to throw them out. When considering what branded items to have imprinted with a companies logo, a savvy marketer would be wise to seriously consider using erasers in their next marketing push.

Pens and USB drives are very common as promotional items these days. What office desk doesn't have several branded pens sitting in the pen drawer or pen cup? USB drives are so cheap nowadays that most people already have one they can trust, so why should they entrust their sensitive data to something someone gave them? Erasers are not nearly as common as most other advertised devices, and that fact alone can make someone consider them as keepers when other imprinted items may get tossed out. Few people order erasers for their office supply needs, but everybody has pencils. A promoting eraser is something that one would most likely keep around.

One of the great features of erasers is they are flexible and easy to shape. They can have a logo imprinted on both sides but they can also be cut in the shape of that logo. They can also be made in three-dimensional shapes both to advertise an industry or product and to catch the eye of the end user. Videotapes, wood textured or shaped pieces, hamburgers, wedges of cheese, wine bottles, farm animals, made to look like USB thumb drives - erasers can be designed in these shapes and thousands more. Erasers and rubbers can become conversation starters and even bright spots on someone's dreary desk. And every time someone looks at them or picks one up, they see not only your name, but also how thoughtful and creative you are.

Pens get laid down, left behind, loaned out to a friend or co-worker, lost in the bottom of a bag and more often than not, stolen. Who steals an eraser? Erasers sit around on a desk, always there, proclaiming your name, logo or motto. They are always included when gathering office supplies as most pencils have inadequate erasers. They can last for a very long time and still continue to work well. They never spill ink, they never lose data, they never break at the wrong time; they just erase.

The next time you need a branded item, consider advertising on erasers and rubbers. You'll be glad you did. 

Horizon Eraser

From: €0.14

Book Shaped Eraser

From: €0.19

Polar Eraser

From: €0.28

Classic Eraser

From: €0.28

Rainbow Eraser

From: €0.18

Atomic Branded Eraser

From: €0.28

Funky Eraser

From: €0.26

Giant Printed Eraser

From: €0.80

Number Eraser

From: €0.24

Twist Glitter Eraser

From: €0.24

Honeycombe Eraser

From: €0.22

Atomic Wobble Eraser

From: €0.51