Printed Hand Clappers & Rattles

 All businesses are looking to make some noise in their particular market or niche. But there is actually a way to make noise in a competitive marketplace that literally involves making noise. If you are selling to a sporting crowd, or maybe just to people who like to have a little fun, promotional rattles and hand clappers could be just the thing you have been looking for to get some attention for your company.

What exactly are promotional rattles and hand clappers, you ask? These fun little items may look small and innocuous enough. But when you are up in the bleachers or stadium seats with all of the other enthusiastic fans of your favourite team, and the action is getting especially intense, people are going to have a chance to find out what rattles and hand clappers can do. These fun little noisemakers are a way to let everyone know that no one is more loyal and passionate about the local 11 than you are, and when everyone turns to see where the noise is coming from, what they are going to see is a customer from a business that had a clever idea for a promotional giveaway.

Could my business be the one that has put the smile on that sports fan's face, you ask? The answer depends on how forward-thinking, innovative, creative and imaginative you and your marketing department are. If you all get high marks in those categories, then there is a good chance that this person could indeed be one of your customers, showing his allegiance to his favourite side by making plenty of noise with a branded rattle that features your store or company's handsomely crafted insignia. Promotional rattles and hand clappers are affordable emblazoned free gifts, and they are one of the most unique and attention-grabbing. This is why they are such a smart choice for a well-thought out marketing campaign.

For those who are selling to a sporting crowd, promotional rattles and hand clappers are a terrific choice for a customised free gift. Rattles and hand clappers imprinted with your good-looking logo are going to bring positive attention your way. The only word of caution is that before you give them out to your happy customers, you should perhaps warn them that it might not be the best idea to take them along to church on Sunday - there are probably better ways to express satisfaction for a sermon well delivered.

Mega Hand Clapper

From: €0.99 Min Qty: 250

Sao Paulo Samba Shaker

From: €3.65 Min Qty: 100

Small Hand Clapper

From: €0.53 Min Qty: 250

International Community Church

Working with GoPromotional is always very easy. They are easy to work with, very efficient, and their finished product is good quality. We have used them several times for products and we're very happy with the service they provide.

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They fulfilled my order to my specifications and was happy with the result, very fast response times and was on target every time!

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We were very pleased with our order, the finished product looked great and we received excellent customer service and a quick delivery. We would definitely recommend in the future.

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The Order I placed arrived outside the maximum delivery expected date of 19th Dec. (It arrived at 4pm on 20th Dec. I required them for a Trade show at 9am on this same date, 50 miles away.). I contacted Go Promotional in November when I placed the order to ensure delivery would be on time for the show. I was assured it would be and that it might arrive towards the latter end of the expected delivery dates, however it was still late. What was worse was the subsequent invoice to state the items were delivered on the 19th. The day before they we actually delivered. I had been in contacted with the Courier service daily in the run up to delivery and they only arrived in Dublin Port on this date, It still had to go to central processing and then get distributed regionally, which to be fair, the courier service did in a very prompt manner. Luckily I have another trade show that I can use the stock for in early spring. However I was left very frustrated from the lack of communication by GoPromotional. I had to source answers and the company was not proactive to the myself in communicating their timeline /production/delivery issues. had they done this, I could have at least sourced alternative products.

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Tom went above and beyond to ensure our order was delivered in the desired time frame. Many thanks

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Tom was very helpful with what we were looking to achieve, we were extremely pleased with the finished product.

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Tom provided an excellent level of support to The Archie Foundation with our Merchandise order. His care and attention was excellent and we look forward to dealing with Tom in the future.

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Professional, attentive, great products.

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