Printed Polo Shirts

Embroidered and printed polo shirts are perfect for businesses, the public sector, fundraising and charity events. Our extensive range of branded promotional polo shirts are available in a vast choice of colours and sizes all of which can be personalised with your corporate logo, call to action and company contact details. 

Custom imprinted or embroidered promotional polo shirts should always be offered for sale along with other types of souvenir t-shirts. These sports styles in shirts are preferred over the t-shirt due to their ability to look great on all sizes of bodies. The material that is used in the polo, golf, and sports shirts is a woven fabric that is designed to wick moisture away from hot bodies while providing a way for air to circulate around the body for extra comfort.

Another reason that many people prefer the high-quality sports type of shirts to the common thin material is because these classy looking shirts offer various types of collars and necklines that are more fashionable than the common round necks. For businesses who are considering a common style of uniform top for your employees, we can highly recommend the polo shirts for style, comfort, and the all-day neatness features that this no-wrinkle material can provide.

Today, it is common to see branded clothing for sale at sports shows, community events, and at various retail establishments. The caps, polo or sports shirts, and logo t-shirts are always good sellers when the advertising designs are desirable to the public. At GoPromotional, our friendly customer service department is always available to help with all of your graphic design and artwork concerns or printing needs.

This type of top design works very well in the jobs that require the employees to wear a printed lanyard gear holder. All advertising lanyard straps are very comfortable to wear under the collar area on the high-quality colorful polo shirt designs or collared sports shirt offerings. Matching styles in these types of active-wear shirts are available in men's or woman's sizes so that mixed employee groups or teams can be accommodated.