Everyone knows you are not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but most of us do look at what others are wearing. We may like to believe that we are somehow immune to that normal human reaction, but such immunity is truly rare. To the savvy advertiser, this normal drive within us is another important way to reach potential clients or customers. You see, everyone wears clothing and that means every person with whom you come into contact is a potential advertising vehicle for your business; they just don't know it yet. All you have to do is add promotional clothing. Clothing emblazoned with your company's logo and message is an effective way of advertising. The smart businessperson sees every t-shirt, hat, jacket, polo shirt or any piece of printed clothing as a blank slate on which their message could be printed.

The clothing industry is one of the largest on Earth for good reason. Everyone wears clothes and that makes them perfect targets for promotional use. Not only that, but the initial work in convincing people to wear clothing promoting businesses of all types has already been accomplished for you by some of the major players in advertising. By using imprinted clothing in your advertising plan for your business, you are tapping into that completed groundwork.   

As the saying goes, every business must advertise or die. The trick, however, is to be as smart as possible in how you spend
your money. Savvy businesspeople the world over have found that items like custom logo clothing are a very effective way
to meet that need.