Promotional Folding & Telescopic Umbrellas

Telescopic umbrellas are a high-quality option for advertising your important corporation logo, business name, or gathering spot to executives and those who carry a briefcase for a living. Telescopic umbrellas are often used by well-dressed people who are trying to keep their expensive garments dry between meetings. Since automatic telescopic umbrellas fit nicely into a briefcase, they are used by business pros.

It is possible to choose from many different styles and color choices in folding umbrellas. However, whenever an advertiser is attempting to reach the upper crust in the business world, they will choose the automatic-action telescoping umbrellas in colors that will harmonize well with the traditional darker toned business suits and jackets. Umbrellas in black, deep blue, gray, deep green or beige are very popular with executives.

Folding umbrellas open in two different ways. The user can push upward on the center shaft to release the canopy area of the umbrella, or, on the executive models of telescopic umbrellas, there is a button to push that will open or close the apparatus. Push button folding umbrellas often cost a few dollars more than those that operate manually, but the extra cost is worth it when your business is trying to attract the attention of professionals.

Any type of message can be printed onto a business style umbrella. This style of umbrella is often printed on the handle, on the carrying bag, and on the canopy so that the advertising statement is viewed easily whenever the umbrella is open or closed. Since this style of rain gear is carried in a briefcase or pocket to use when foul weather strikes, the printing on the handle area is very important since this area is seen by other people as the promotional telescopic umbrellas is carried around.