Branded Walking Umbrellas

Traditional umbrellas are being used by a wide segment of the population today for all types of weather. Recently, there have been health concerns raised about the sun block lotions that we have all taken for granted for many years. Until these concerns are answered, many people are shying away from the sun block lotions and grabbing their trusty traditional umbrellas to use until this healthcare situation has been settled.

Promotional traditional umbrellas are also being carried by some Americans who are nervous about walking on public streets where the growing numbers of homeless people are present. While umbrellas are not designed to be weapons, they are a handy way to open a deterring shield between you and a vicious dog whenever it is necessary. Umbrellas are not just for rainy weather today, they hold all kinds of modern day uses.

Modern full-length umbrellas come in two different styles that are perfect to use for advertising purposes. As these promotional items are carried around in public by their owners, other people see your important advertising messages. There are umbrellas that are made to carry in the hand when not in use, and full-size umbrellas that are carried in a pouch that can be carried across your back. Both styles of umbrellas are excellent for ads.

All advertising umbrellas should be printed on the handle, on the canopy, and on the outside carrying pouch if one is supplied. This allows onlookers to view your ads when the umbrella is open, closed, or stored inside of the pouch. The back-sling pouches are almost priceless for advertising at events with people waiting in line. When consumers wear their back-sling umbrellas in line, everybody behind them are treated to the ads.