Printed Luggage Tags

Ensure your brand travels to exciting new destinations with printed luggage tags! Perfect for travel company promotions or any business where employees or customers travel on a regular basis. Promotional luggage tags featuring your logo and message are sure to be the item customers look for when identifying suitcases at the airport. Our wide range of branded luggage tags are available in a variety of styles, shapes and colours to meet all budget and marketing requirements.

Luggage tags are an excellent way to get your important advertising message noticed. When business travelers use public transportation systems, their luggage is seen by other travelers, transportation employees, and hotel staff members. Eye-catching luggage tags are inexpensive advertising items that can be printed with any type of logo, store name, or organisation information that you would like to display.

Promotional luggage tags can come in some very unusual looking styles that help to get the tag noticed and remembered more often by the public. Today's luggage tags are security-oriented devices that are designed to protect the owner's identity while still offering a method of owner-contact if the bags are misplaced during a trip. Brilliantly colored luggage tags, promotional business bags, and traveling wallets are all very successful advertising tools for businesses to be issuing to employees this year.

When businesses decide to outfit their traveling employees with matching business bags, garment bags, or laptop cases that are advertising for the company, this puts forth the image that the company is a very large professional organization. The employees will be treated with an elevated level of respect while they are carrying their professional looking traveling bags, and this promotes more confidence in your staff members.

Luggage locks can be a real bag-saver when luggage is lost or stolen during the course of a trip. It is often possible to get missing bags back when the name of a sponsoring company is printed onto the travel bags or bag tags. Even if all owner information is missing after bags are found, these recovered pieces of luggage can still be returned to the owners through the sponsoring company or organisation.