Promotional Maglites

For the ultimate torch look no further than Maglite! Practical and precision built, branded Maglite torches are referred to by many as 'A Work of Art That Works'! Maglites are one of the most robust and powerful torches ever made and respected globally. The torch of choice for years in the police and armed forces, and even diving! Wherever you need to shine a light, you can rely on a Maglite regardless of the environment. Printed or laser engraved with your logo, Maglite flashlights are ideal corporate gifts for customers and employees.

Promotional Maglites and high-powered flashlight sets make great company gifts when they are printed with your business name, branding, or logo. Printed metal Maglites and laser engraved flashlights are meaningful gifts that will last for a very long time. When these flashlights wear a company name, this name is seen and read by many different types of people throughout the years that these flashlights are in use.

Many different kinds of industries use monogrammed Maglites as a part of their company equipment. Mines, car lots, and every industry with trucks or cars involved can keep a company Maglite set in these vehicles for their employees to use during emergencies. If one of these sturdy flashlight sets accidentally goes home with an employee, the branded name on the high-powered flashlight set continues to advertise for the company.

Maglite flashlights come in a large range of sizes. This style of flashlight normally runs on AA, C, or D sized batteries. Maglites are alone or in helpful sets that include a battery charging unit that will allow the lights to be working whenever they are needed. At GoPromotional we supply a whole host of different product options all at exceptionally low prices to meet all your marketing and advertising requirements.

Another popular use for Maglites and heavy-duty flashlight sets is in private home emergency kits. Every home should have more than one high-quality flashlight available for use during an emergency. For advertisers, this leaves the doors wide-open to all types of industries who would like to advertise on a flashlight kit. Flashlights and Maglites that are printed or laser engraved with ads can be handed out to targeted public groups to advertise your important logo, message, or theme.