Promotional Beach Accessories

Consider using promotional beach accessories for fun summer promotions all year long! It does not have to be June, July or August to offer a marketing event that features fun gifts of branded beach accessories. They can dress up a winter sale just as nicely!

Businesses can profit from fun any time of the year; using a summer theme can be a welcome break from winter weather. It is not very hard to see how beach accessories can tie into a sale promotion. During winter, offer a "Summer in Winter" promotion, or "Holiday in the Sun" promotion. Everyone wants to enjoy the thought of the warm summer sunshine, even in the midst of a cold winter.

During the spring and hot summer months, use promotional beach accessories as the draw to bring more traffic into your special sales or events. There are many products that can be imprinted with your company name or product logo. Beach balls, beach towels, tee shirts, beach umbrellas, blankets, binoculars and BBQ sets are a few good choices for summertime marketing gifts.

Beach toys are another good summer accessory to offer, complete with your company brand affixed. Imprinted radios, stadium cushions, sunglasses, travel fans, pedometers, Frisbees and flyers are all excellent items that people want to take with them on summer holidays.

Practical items are useful and will be seen, along with your imprinted message, many places as people travel around using them. Can coolers, fanny packs, folding chairs, neck wallets and golf accessories make unique business gifts and are good to use for sales events.

Summer oriented marketing events are perfect to draw in outdoor enthusiasts, moms and sports fans. They want the free beach accessories, but will spend time in the store at the same time. Sales will increase with a good traffic turnout created just by offering free beach accessories. No one minds your company imprint; for some the branding is an attraction and the item will be something they want to show off because it has your business name imprinted upon it.

Smaller items like branded can coolers, nylon wallets and sunglasses are very inexpensive and can be given out in large quantities. Larger items, like beach umbrellas or picnic sets and coolers can be used for corporate gift giving or in conjunction with a large ticket item purchase.

Branded beach accessories make for fun summer marketing and they will boost sales even in the colder months of the year. If you want to enjoy summer fun all year around, plan for a summer beach accessory promotion!

High Gloss Frisbee

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Spectrum Frisbee

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Mini Recycled Frisbee

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Fiesta Beach Ball

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Madrid Beach Set

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Nautical Beach Set

From: €18.11

Horizon Beach Mat

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3 Prong Flyer

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Hydra Pocket Fan

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Venus Flyer

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Bucket & Spade

From: €1.63

Globe Beach Ball

From: €1.96

Summer Beach Ball

From: €1.10

Badminton Set

From: €3.78