Custom printed yo yos are fun for every age to play with. There is no quicker way to bring a smile to a room full of adults than to pass out a childhood memory advertising toy. Ads that are placed onto yo yo's, promotional Frisbee's, or advertising cube puzzles are always well received at corporate meetings, business awards ceremonies, and as ice-breakers for whenever new groups of people must learn to work together.

All types of toys, games, and puzzles can be printed with advertising messages. When businesses choose to participate in this style of an ad campaign, they often hold a few of these toys aside from their public handouts for their employees to use. If an important visitor comes for a meeting at your office, and they look nervous, simply hand them a colourful advertising yoyo to break the ice. Only friendly people own promo yoyos.

When promotional yo yos are used at first meetings, everybody at the meeting walks away as friends. Adults will drop their nervousness about being involved with new people quickly as soon as everybody is asked to be a child for a few minutes. Yo yos are often displayed proudly on desktops after these meetings since nobody can ever believe how such a simple thing can make so many professional adults smile.

Logo printed yo yos are sold at very reasonable prices at the larger online advertising item stores. Whenever a bulk order is placed for printed promotional items, the cost-per-unit normally goes down. This allows for all sizes of businesses to order the amount that they need to cover all sizes of activities. Promotional yo yos make great fast food giveaways, they are used as trade show gifts, and for all types of school oriented projects.

Budget Yo Yo

From: €0.63

Wooden Yo Yo

From: €0.44

Eco Wooden Yo Yo

From: €1.14

Mini Recycled Yo Yo

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Inspire Flat Yo Yo

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