Promotional Brain Teasers

Custom printed brain teasers are fun toys that are normally stored on top of a desktop inside of a busy office building or school setting. High-quality brain teasers and promotional puzzles are never solved easily. This allows users to have many days of enjoyment out of these logo-printed free company gifts. Promotional brain teasers are designed to be used as note holders or paperweights whenever the item is not in use. This helps to keep these items on top of a desktop where everybody can see the printed ads.

Brain teasers are often designed to keep the users attention focused on the advertisement as they work on solving the puzzle. Company logos or graphics can become the theme of the puzzle to solve. This keeps the users thinking about ways to put the company logo into the correct order while they are attending to other work. Whenever a corporation or business can get a consumer to dwell on their name, this is a very desirable situation that can help all sizes of business to grow.

Brain teasers have been in our societies for over 100-years. Printed ads on puzzles are a form of advertisement that works. All ages of people enjoy toying with brain teasers as a form of relaxation. When the mind is asked to solve a fun puzzle, it stops trying to solve stressful issues for a few minutes of enjoyment. Logo puzzles, games, and brain teasers are being used as natural forms of stress relief in many American office settings.

At GoPromotional we supply a whole raft of different brain teasers which can be purchased and branded to use in all types of giveaway projects for very reasonable prices.

Yes No Game

From: €3.25

A6 Magnetic Word Game

From: €0.28

A5 Magnetic Word Game

From: €0.48

A4 Magnetic Word Game

From: €0.94

Sliding Puzzle Tray

From: €0.61

Snafooz Puzzle

From: €0.61

Acrylic Patience Game

On Sale - You SAVE up to 48%
From: €0.86

Foam Animal Puzzle

From: €0.32