Printed Piggy Banks

Piggy banks have been in our societies for over 100-years. Some metal mechanical banks and metal still banks can be found with antique advertising messages attached. The banking industry and automobile industry added their important names and logos to the sides of piggy banks, car banks, and cute children's banks so that they had free meaningful gifts to give away to their clients.

Today, all sorts of old and new promotional piggy banks & money boxes are highly collectible items. It is not unusual to see office workers displaying a colorful piggy bank collection around their workstations for everybody who comes into the building to marvel at. Whenever a group of colorful advertising banks is displayed together, each advertising message is read very carefully as a part of the artwork that is displayed in the collection.

Custom printed piggy banks are a very long-life advertising choice for corporations, stores, or groups to use in an advertising campaign. While everybody may already have a piggy bank or two with a printed message, all advertising money covers more ground when these items are displayed in a group. Piggy bank choices are not always shaped into a pig. Themed banks can all be printed with any type of advertising icon.

Advertising banks and money boxes are a great gift idea for all businesses that cater to children. However, these inexpensive advertising aides are also appreciated by adults. Desktop banks are often used to gather a coffee fund donation, to collect pennies towards a vacation trip, or used as tip jars in many different types of industries. Secretaries with a keen sense of humor will often have a tip jar available on their desks for those moments that they go above-and-beyond the call of duty for their bosses. Promotional piggy banks are a wonderful advertising aide to use for all types of projects today.